Cultural Day by MSCIA UB

Cultural day is an annual activity by MSCIA UB as a discussion ground for incoming and MSCIA members on intercultural learning. This year, cultural day does not only focus on culture introduction but also Malang iconic locations. In that regards, incomings will be additionally enriched with the history and tradition.
On the last Sunday of August, the activity was done on a food race and cultural show basis. When the sun rises, incomings and members were briefed about the race, where it is basically a blind taste race challenge. Members and incomings are divided into groups accompanied by facilitators have to find the next station and eventually the finish line based on clues.

In every station, the group have to blind taste traditional and unique foods and/or beverages. There’s a catch though, if they fail the test, there are some interesting yet horrendous challenges that need to be done. The stations are located on physiology MSCIA building, Malang obelisk monument, and around the town. Subsequently, to wear down the tiredness after the race, then the members and incomings stroll through the Splendid market as well as taking the free Malang bus tour operated by tourism department of Malang.

When darkness starts to occupy the sky, participants are gathered in a MSCIA member’s house as it is time to commence the cultural show. The show initiated by opening speeches from the project officer and MSCIA president, Deta and Khairunnisa. Next, participants take turn to present their respective country’s culture. Annisa, a DORE member, goes first carrying out a traditional Merak performance. When it is the time for performances from the incomings, audiences’ loud cheers and enthusiastic shouts can be heard echoing within the venue.

The excitement then continued by a food journey session, where incomings and members present their respective country food and beverages on the prepared tables. While ferociously devouring the delicious food and beverages from Malang and the incomings’ origin country, they simultaneously exchange information on the taste, cooking method, and also about the eventful day. After all participants had become full and sleepy, the relaxing acoustic performance of MSCIA members and food race winner appreciation marks the end of the cultural show.

Chiefly, all event of the Cultural Day activity has been completed successfully. Seeing the enthusiasm and satisfaction of the incomings, it is strongly hoped that this activity expands their experiences and knowledge. See you on Cultural Day 2019!