Multicenter Research by CIMSA UPH

SCORE CIMSA Universitas Pelita Harapan (UPH) and Universitas Indonesia (UI) had completed the Pilot Project of Multicenter Research on November 25th, at the National Monument.

Before the execution, SCORE members arranged a briefing via social media multi chat regarding the rundown and explanation on possible questions by the respondents. Incidentally, SCORE also collaborated with SCOPH CIMSA Region 3 on their activity of La Familia: World Diabetes Day. Hence, members have interlocal and inter-sco exposures. This activity was also in cooperation with Indonesian Ministry of Health, where CIMSA gained the opportunity to open health screening test and diabetes education booth.

Members were gathering around the CIMSA booth at 7 AM as a meeting point. They then start to spread around to reel in 15 respondents for the research questionnaire. In regard to ethical and safety concerns, respondents are required to sign an inform consent form before they fill the questionnaire.Majority of the respondents are so curious and enthusiastic to learn about diabetes; thus, they inquire a lot, primarily about stigmas on diabetes. The respondents mostly belong to the working classes with one day free which they use to exercise at National Monument with friends and family.

A lot of them had a sedentary lifestyle and consequently afraid to develop early symptoms of diabetes. Upon knowing that fact, SCORE members managed to tell them that it is best to try changing their lifestyle and diet to a healthier one. All respondents were happy to help our research purpose. They also love the free isotonic drink that we give to them while they fill the questionnaire.

Nevertheless, there are some difficulties along the way. Feedbacks from the respondents were stating that there are hardships within the font size and medical jargons. It is advised to utilize bigger font and more common word choice for further opportunity.

Finally, after all 15 questionnaires successfully filled, SCORE members were gathered again for a discussion about the respondents. PMC UPH & UI conclude successfully without any major hurdle. It is strongly hoped that all the data gathered could be helpful for future PMC phases and global health.