Research Campaign: Research4Fun

Greetings medical students!

Research has been an embodiment of truth within the medical community. Through research, people are able to discover new beneficial diagnostic, treatment, and disease prevention methodologies. For instance, as the first immortal cell line, HeLa has been studied for the treatment of polio through vaccine, HPV, HIV, and many more.

Specifically speaking, Indonesia has done well in the research field to be nominated as the #2 country with 5125 publications in ASEAN, only crushed by Malaysia with 5999 publications. Hence, there is the need to uphold and maintain the quality and quantity by all stakeholders.

Research4Fun rises as an activity to answer that notion. Through the campaign, SCORE CIMSA did a pre- & post-assessment, infographics publications, polling & twibbon on instagram, talk show with former NORE, video challenge, and communal education.

Infographics session was when NCRE electronically and physically distributes healthcare research facts posters. These media can be used for the communal education or another future activity. Next in store, polling, NCRE initiated 3 polls daily for three consecutive days on research facts & myth, urgency, and F.A.Q. via SCORE CIMSA Instagram story.

Furthermore, for the talk show phase, NCRE produced a research interview video on dr. Theo Audi Yanto Lemuel, Sp.PD., former 2012 NORE who is currently working as an assistant professor at Pelita Harapan University. The video will uncover urgency, hindrance, essential knowledge, how-to, and tips & tricks for newbie.

Likewise, starting from the 23 rd of November, for a minimal of seven days, medical students and associates are strongly suggested to post it to Instagram with the accompanying caption and also implement the twibbon as their respective display picture on any social media(s). The media can be found on In addition, there was video challenges where SCORE members and locals must record a video where they ask another person for only one word that fully describe research. Each local or individuals may submit more than one video through uploading it to the Instagram story and enclose a tag of @scorecimsa along with the SCORE local.

Next in line, each SCORE CIMSA local have to do an education session for increasing community research awareness, knowledge, and behavior. As a proof of execution, local have to submit an article and photo / video documentations to NCRE. Conclusively, at Research4Fun last phase, every SCORE local have to fill out the post assessment questionnaires on before the first of

The campaign was a success with the participation of 40% more than the targeted for video challenge player and 30% more for twibbon utilization. Similarly, there was observed an increase of >20% score difference from the Research4Fun pretest and post test assessment. Chiefly, Research4Fun successfully act as a medium to develop research awareness of people, especially medical associates. It is strongly hoped that trough this short yet impactful campaign, civilian may understand deeper on research importance, methodology, and improvements to Indonesian intellectual knowledge.

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Photo by Hans Reiners on Unsplash