Standing Committee on Research Exchange (SCORE) is one of the standing committees in International Federation of Medical Students’ Association (IFMSA) established in 1991. SCORE has worked to facilitate Research Exchange for medical students all around the world. In Indonesia, SCORE IFMSA Exchange is facilitated by Center for Indonesian Medical Students’ Activities (CIMSA).

Through its Research Exchanges, SCORE CIMSA Indonesia aims for introducing Basic Research Comprehension, upgrading Research Skills, and encouraging to write Research Papers to all medical students in Indonesia.
We select Indonesian medical students who have both the strong motivation and interest, along with the adequate amount of ability and knowledge to help them grow by having Research Experience in various countries. Through a tough and competitive selection processes, SCORE CIMSA Indonesia proudly announce the Research Exchange Outgoing Selection result! We hope everyone who get this golden ticket may use this chance wisely.

As outgoing students, you will bear the weight of our beloved country Indonesia, your university, and your own reputation.

We highly hope that you could use this opportunity to learn new skills, culture, meet new friends, and develop yourself to enrich and better the health human resources for the improvement of our nation’s healthcare system.

After a tight selection process for 1st batch SCORE outgoing, we proudly announce you 1st batch outgoing!

You can see the list here :

Congratulations! Blue Hugs!

Standing Committee on Research Exchange

Empowering Medical Students
Improving Nation’s Health