Announcement: 2nd Batch SCORE Research Exchange 2024/2025

Greetings SCOREpublic!

The IFMSA Research Exchange offers medical students the chance to delve into their research interests, guided by mentors in various research aspects such as literature search, data collection, writing, lab work, statistics, and ethics. Completed with a scientific report or presentation, the program is supported by student volunteers coordinating exchanges and facilitated by Local Officers on Research Exchange (LORE) at universities. These LOREs provide guidance and support, enhancing global intercultural communication and unity among medical students.

We are pleased to share that the 2nd batch of the SCORE Research Exchange selection for the 2024/2025 season has been concluded. After careful consideration of the outstanding applicants from across Indonesia, we’ve finally made our selection. It was a challenging process but we are confident that the chosen students will effectively represent their universities, SCORE CIMSA, and Indonesia on the global stage.

Thank you for joining us in embracing the future of medical education and research—a future that belongs to those who dare to dream, explore, and unite in the name of scientific progress.

Blue Hugs,
National Committee on Research Exchange SCORE CIMSA 2023/2024

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