Research Festival 2023

Research plays many roles in our life, including in medicine. Following one of CIMSA Policy Documents, Access to Research and Research Education, the Standing Committee on Research Exchange (SCORE) annually held a research campaign as the actualization of our commitment to support the advancement of research. Research help to provide us the accurate information in every setting of our life. This precise information is essential in health practice to cease the worsening disease and to improve health quality.

Research is an essential learning setting for medical students. By now, medical schools across Indonesia have promoted the essential of research through Evidence-Based Medicine (EBM) that integrates available research information, patient values, and clinical experience to make the best decisions for each patient. Thus, the practice of EBM makes research more substantial in medical fields to keep improving health quality. Every research output is crucial regarding continuous medical science updates

With the theme “Research Festival 2023: The Backbone of Medical Care and Public Health”, SCORE aims to fulfill individuals’ curiosity in research and enrich research knowledge, especially for medical students. Furthermore, SCORE also held a series of events to promote research in a more interesting way. With social media campaigns, workshop, and other sorts of activity, SCORE hopes this campaign can help strengthen research skills to improve health practice in the future.