Yarsi University, Jakarta

Adhara Yasmine ‘Aqila Pramono

LORE Yarsi University

YARSI University is a private Islamic university located in Cempaka Putih, Central Jakarta. Universitas YARSI was established by the Islamic Hospital Foundation of Indonesia on 15 April 1967. Its status changed to YARSI Medical School of Jakarta in 1969. When the university was first established it had just one medical study program. Today, the university is organized into six faculties: faculty of dentistry, faculty of information technology, faculty of economics and business, faculty of law, faculty of medicine, and faculty of psychology. Within each faculty are different departments offering a range of undergraduate degree programs.

The university has developed partnerships with several institutions across the globe, including UTHM Malaysia, Acharya Institutes India, and Association for Medical and Bioinformatics Singapore. These partnerships facilitate academic and scientific exchanges, as well as study abroad programs.